AS Hiieko updated the tech systems of Tallinn Airport

AS Hiieko completed two major reconstruction works at Tallinn Airport. Both the renewal of the technical systems of the LHV lounge and the replacement of the cold unit in the D part of the passenger terminal were demanding projects, as the airport continued to serve its customers during the execution of the works. Both works were completed by the end of May.

Renovation of the airport’s LHV Lounge

The renewal of the technical systems of the lounge was carried out under the direction of the main contractor Tolira Ehitus. In the process, the entire ventilation and cooling system was replaced, as well as the heating, water and sewage system was dismantled and replaced on an area of ​​nearly 700 m².

Thanks to the new econet devices produced by Fläkt, the heat recovery of the ventilation system is now at a modern level and much more energy efficient than before. Economy is also increased by new top-level automation solutions, in which Pristis was our partner.

Replacement of the cold unit in the D part of the passenger terminal

Another large-scale work was the design and replacement of the cold unit and its automation in the D-part of the airport’s passenger terminal. At the end of May, a new cold unit was completed and set up, the heart of which is a Daikin refrigeration machine from Airwave and the lungs are Chiller coolers located on the roof.

The new cold unit is significantly more efficient and offers greater cooling capacity, ensuring a more comfortable and pleasant terminal experience for passengers during the summer months.

We thank all partners and, of course, Tallinn Airport for being professional and constructive as a customer despite the challenge of reconstructing the building’s important technical systems and at the same time serving passengers in a manner worthy of Europe’s best airport.

Photos: Jarek Jõepera, Hannus Vard, Tallinn Airport, AS Hiieko