Kalamees, Parve and Zeciu became members of Hiieko’s Supervisory Board.

Hiieko’s major shareholder Rein Kalamees, finance specialist and head of the Romanian branch of Hiieko Tiido Parve, as well as Estonian electronic resident Alexander Zeciu, became members of the supervisory board of AS Hiieko, a company engaged in the construction, installation and maintenance of building systems and automation.

Hendrik Pass will remain the only member of the Hiieko Management Board to elect people to the Supervisory Board who want to support the company’s new development and growth.
Hendrik Pass noted that Hiieko plans to increase its presence in export markets as well as expand its scope of activities. “For example, in addition to our core business, our Romanian subsidiary entered the green energy market, where the company deals with solar panels,” he added.
Rein Kalamees is the largest shareholder of AS Hiieko through Realty OÜ, the company’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq CSD SE list. While Alexander Zeciu manages the Romanian branch of AS Hiieko Haldus, Inc. SRL. At the same time, Tiido Parvel has many years of experience in the financial sector.
The main activity of AS Hiieko in Estonia is the design, construction and maintenance of technical systems and special works in buildings. The unconsolidated turnover of the Group in 2020 compared to the previous year was 8.1 million euros. In total, the company employs 41 people.